Feast of the Invisible

Feast of the Invisible
Co-Presented by Festival Phenomena

At La Sala Rossa on Oct 20, 2016

It is dark. There are spirit guides and there are demons here. Which voices do we choose to hear? Which beings do we choose to feast?

A song is sprung from within her; phosphorescent lights spill out from a hole in coyote’s mouth, flooding the night with Northern Lights. From atop the great turtle’s back we journey between waking and dreaming realms in a feast of the invisible. This mytho-poetic tale weaves song and story in languages lost and found, as one woman gathers strength to walk with the unknown. We invoke nêwo atoskêyâkanak (the four great workers), the animal beings and spirit guides to lead us through darkness. Grandmother owl watches over with piercing eyes. As her body dissolves into sky, thin red roots propel earthward from her claws. These fragments interlace with whispered echoes to induce the great remembering. Come along for the journey.

Feast of the Invisible is a journey where each musician is a shapeshifter and each sound, an animated spirit, alive with mystery. Conjuring thunder being voices, haunting Inuit throat singing weaves together with sheer harmonic resonances of classical harp. Reverberating cries of violin swell from the distance as droplets of water build percussive washes from cajon and drums. The heartbeat of elk skin drum and crack of rattle draw life energy up from the earth. Out of darkness, a voice calls forth ancestral spirits as the deep tongue of an upright bass underscores their melody.


  • Moe Clark - voice, drum, flute, shaker
  • Nina Segalowitz - Inuit throat singing
  • Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau - harp + pedals, voice
  • Ari Swan - violin + pedals, voice
  • Joel Kerr - upright bass
  • Ahau Marino - percussion, drum + voice
  • Katia Makdissi-Warren - co-composition